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The idea of ranking poker players is not new. In 1998, Nolan Dolla began an annual ranking system to establish a “Player-of-the-Year” through his column for Card Player Magazine. This excellent system has been modified a few times over the years and is still in use today.

Some people questioned the weighting established for each event and the bias towards California tournaments. In 2001, Phil Hellmuth, Jr., tried to address this by polling many of the top poker players to rank the most prestigious poker tournaments during the year. He then established a point system for those tournaments to establish his own Player of the Year based on these tournaments.

Not surprisingly, the results for these two systems are not the same.


In early 2003, I started to think about a system that would determine the Number One poker player in the world at any given time, not just the Number One player since the beginning of the year. There is an established system in golf and tennis and both of these sports are played world-wide. Everyone knows that, regardless of the tournament, Tiger Woods is the Number One player going in.

Besides, I am a poker tournament player. I have always been interested in statistics and wondered what the records were of some fellow tournament players. I felt that I could provide such a service to the poker community that everyone would enjoy.

The Idea Takes Shape

What if this site combined elements that tournament players enjoyed with some added benefits? What if I showed tournament results since the very first World Series of Poker? What if I showed the results for every individual player? What if the major tournaments and TV shows used these rankings?

And what if this site turned into a poker community with message boards? And, offered valuable services for the poker tournament player?

After a year of development, the launch of this site is the result of those ideas. Enjoy!

Gary Lent
Founder, World Poker Rank