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Event Results

PPT No-Limit Hold'em
April 15th, 2005 at 12:00PM
Five-Star World Poker Classic - WPT Championship
Note: You must be a PPT qualified player to participate. This is a 3 day event. The second day is played on April 16th with the final 6 coming back on April 25th.
Buy-In: $0 + $0
Prize Pool: $485,000
Entries: 230
Place Player From Prize
1 Lee Markholt Eatonville, Washington  $225,000
2 Barry Shulman Las Vegas, Nevada  $100,000
3 Doyle Brunson Las Vegas, Nevada  $60,000
4 Chris Bjorin London, England  $45,000
5 Dan Heimiller Las Vegas, Nevada  $30,000
6 Erick Lindgren Las Vegas, Nevada  $25,000