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Scheduled Tournaments:
Major Tournament 01/02/1986 - Stairway to the Stars at Stardust Hotel/Casino  
Major Tournament 01/29/1986 - Amarillo Slim's 8th Annual Super Bowl of Poker at Caesars Tahoe  
   03/02/1986 - Pot - Of - Gold Bonanza at Bicycle Casino  
Major Tournament 03/28/1986 - Pot - O - Gold - 1st Annual at Reno Hilton  
Major Tournament 05/01/1986 - World Series of Poker 1986 - 17th Annual at Binions Horseshoe Casino  
   05/14/1986 - California Championship of Lowball - 3rd Annual at The Casino Club  
Major Tournament 07/08/1986 - World Match Play Lowball Championship at Bicycle Casino  
   07/25/1986 - Draw for the Gold California Low-Ball Poker Tournament - 3rd Annual at The Riviera Hotel  
   08/01/1986 - Draw for the Gold Seven Card Stud Tournament - 1st Annual at The Riviera Hotel  
Major Tournament 08/12/1986 - Triple Crown Poker Classic at Frontier Hotel and Casino  
Major Tournament 09/08/1986 - 4th Annual America's Cup at Vegas World Hotel & Casino  
   10/03/1986 - Big Sky Poker Tournament at Eldon Beasley's Monte Carlo Cardroom  
Major Tournament 11/15/1986 - Diamond Jim Brady Tournament at Bicycle Casino  
Major Tournament 12/01/1986 - Grand Prix of Poker - 3rd Annual at Golden Nugget